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Get Organized


noun \ˌȯr-gə-nə-ˈzā-shən,ˌȯrg-nə-\

1. a company, business, club, etc., that is formed for a particular purpose

2. the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily

3. the act or process of planning and arranging the different parts of an event or activity

Above, lists the definition of organization as defined by Merriam-Webster.  So, for purposes of this site and article, we are going to stick with definition 2 and 3.  Maybe, you hear the word and it scares you.  Do you think, this person is a neat freak?  Well I can tell you I am not.  Yes, one might say I have OCD tendencies when it comes to certain subjects. It wasn’t until March of 2012 that I started to set routines to clean, as compared to running around stashing stuff in closets when people came over.  April of 2013, is when I really started to make big leaps in organizing my life. That’s correct I said my life!

In April I learned that if I wanted to fit in being a stay at home mom, exercising, cleaning the house, getting dinner on the table, running a business, and still attempting to get showered and dressed (very important in my book!), then I had to start organizing my life.  I sat down and determined what was really important to me.  I read books, websites and got tips and then got to work.

I started with a To Do List; If you don’t have one I suggest you get one and my handy dandy trusty calendar.  I have always used a calendar for certain things, but it was like I did’t know how to use it. Then one step at a time I started changing my bad unorganized habits into good organized habits. These new habits started freeing me from my stress.

Some Quick tips to Organize:

  1.  Go Buy a calendar or use a version on your cell phone.  They key is that you have to write in it and look at it everyday.
  2. Start writing a To Do List.  Give yourself the accomplishment to cross items off.  Remember, to add items like washing the clothes (you know the ones you need to wear tomorrow!), buying birthday gifts, making a doctor’s appointment,etc.  Don’t get overwhelmed with what is on the list.
  3. Set out your clothes, and the kids clothes the night before.
  4. Get rid of clutter. If you haven’t used it in a year, then it is time to let it go.  When the mail comes immediately throw away the junk mail into the recycle bin.
  5. Get your family on board. Let them know that you want to live in a more organized less stressful environment so everyone can find stuff!  Show them where the calendar is kept, so they don’t have to ask you when an event is and they can write their own appointments down.
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