Combine your interests into a Career

What happens when your Passions combine to form a career?  Is that even a possibility?cropped-185-150-logo-pm.jpg

I am here to tell you yes.

This page started out as a fitness page; Christine Summers Organized Fitness.  At the time, I started I was strictly focused on helping people with their health and helping them find the time to fit in all their priorities.  As time has passed so have my passions and interests. I still love fitness, and I am still an organizer; probably even more so now.  But, I have realized I love doodling and drawing.  It has helped me to become more centered with myself.  The big thing I have learned is how I can use doodling for so many applications.

If you look at the above list of passions, they all focus around helping others. Helping others with their health, focusing on goals and priorities, and focusing on self.  As I sat back I determined I’m a helper, and I always have been.  I like watching and helping others succeed.  Something was missing though….The BIG PICTURE.

There was no big picture, just a lot of words. I wasn’t doing anything to help others SEE the true potential that lies within them or helping anyone understand those important messages. By adding Doodling to my list of talents I can now help others see their goals and map them out.  I can now turn any conversation into a visual story. This is finally the BIG PICTURE if you will of every conversation. This also lets me help companies and individuals alike. Which is the WIN, because I get to help and reach more people.

So, now I am officially introducing Sketch Owl to the world. A place for me to help others, share my passions, and Turn Everyday Conversations into Visual Stories.

I can’t wait to work with you and turn your conversations into visual stories!

Don’t worry you can still follow me on social media @organizedcoach



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