Connect with yourself first in life

I have learned over the years that if you are not able to connect with yourself you will never be able to connect with others. I’m sure you have heard the saying to Love yourself first.  Well it is a bit of the same concept.

In life we look for connections, relationships and friendships. Maybe you try so hard to fit in with the cool kids, only to find out that you have nothing in common with them and they could care less about what you do or who you are. They don’t know you because you are not being you. You are trying to be someone else; one of the cool kids. You may not even realize you aren’t being yourself until it is to late and your wrapped up in a bunch of negativity.

Life will be easier if you first take the time to discover who you are, what you want, and your own values and goals. Align yourself with you first.  Those people you previously tried to impress are just acquaintances in a world full of faces.

Your goal should not be to change to fit in, but find the faces in the world that align with you. That have things in common with you.  You will always have differences, and that is OK. That is what can make a friendship true.  It’s the respect for one another. You don’t want to be another persons mirror image, cause then you lose yourself.

“Find the faces in the world that align with you”

As an adult I feel that peer pressure can be just as bad when you were in High School. The cool kids, what to do, where to go, how to take care of your kids, how you look.  I am here to tell you if that matters to you you have not taken the time to connect with yourself and find YOU.  Don’t be ashamed of YOU.  We are all unique.

The goal now is to take that time to connect with yourself. Find time to sit quietly and think about what is truly important to you; call it meditating, sit in prayer, or focus on the good energy around you. What do you enjoy doing; exercising, reading, napping, drawing….go do it!

For myself, doodling has allowed me to find myself and connect with me.  It shows me that I’m not perfect, but I am my own unique self. Which has been my goal all along.  It is a time of quiet and calm that resets my energy and reminds me to focus on whats important to me and my values.

And for all the haters, negativity pushers, and naysayers, I say….NOT MY CIRCUS…..NOT MY MONKEY!



Contact me to get help on making your own connection map or how to find the time to do the things you enjoy!

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