Doodling has changed my Life

Prior to October I always considered myself a person who couldn’t draw. I was never the girl who doodled notes during school, never drew bubble letters on notes to friends, and to be honest has worse handwriting then a doctor.

I logged into Periscope one day and was watching this lady named Diane Bleck; founder of the Doodle Institute and Discovery Doodles.  She made drawing look easy and had me convinced that I should try. I personally always felt that artsy people had a certain air about them, and it just wasn’t for me. But, as Diane would say “Put Pen to Paper and Open your Heart Channel”.

My first couple drawings were nothing like hers, but I kept getting more intrigued and curious about this whole doodle revolution that was occurring.  I started thinking about ways I could use it in my business, with my kids, and yes even home schooling.

Before I knew it I had joined the Doodle Girl & Friends Facebook group.  I started comparing what I was drawing with everyone else.  Immediately, I said I’m not good enough and I just decided to “watch” all the action in the group.  That was until I noticed that the people in this group didn’t think their drawings were better than others. They were all supporting each other and genuinely cared. I will never forget when I got up enough nerve to post a drawing in the group.  A picture of a fairy for a potential book. I was given compliments on my drawing, me of all people.  I was hooked and drawn into all the personalities and creativity that I was seeing every day. This group has provided something to me that others have not. A safe haven to express myself, not be judged, and a cup of encouragement running over.

I decided to become a student of the Doodle Institute in December, when I was so lucky that Diane decided to let a few more students into the winter session. I am truly learning how to trust myself, I am immersed with like-minded people, and we all support each other.  I have found a family of doodlers and it is wonderful. Oh, and yes I am learning how to draw on paper, and how to draw on electronic platforms, and share my work, and help teach others. Maybe being a Graphic Recorder is in my future?!?!

Most importantly, I have reconnected to myself, and found something that didn’t exist before. There is something about coloring or drawing and taking those quiet moments to yourself to connect with you. The kindness and encouragement I have found now runs into my business and life.  I still can’t believe that I can draw! The cool thing is… so can you!

Take a few minutes and check out the Doodle Institute and see how doodling could help you!



My first shared picture in the group 10.12.15

My first shared picture in the group 10.12.15

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