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Sketch Owl is an umbrella for two parts of my business. The first being Sketch Owl Handmade. I offer high quality products that you want to give as gifts.

Sketch Owl Designs is the second half of my business. I am a Digital Designer and create high quality Sublimation Designs that are on trend and what your customers are looking for!

Most people wonder why an Owl. Well in the above graphic you can see just a few of the many qualities of Owls.


The Person

I connect my passions through doodles.

Create + Health + Organization + Family = Sketch Owl

I communicate with Doodles.  What I have learned is drawings are understood by all no matter the spoken language you are fluent in. Every conversation you have can be turned into a visual story.

I have found that creating with doodles has helped me to be a better communicator. It also helps me connect to myself and be true to me. You have probably seen the craze of adult coloring books as a form of meditation and relaxation.  I truly believe that there is a special place for sitting quietly and connecting with yourself.

I am a planner and organizer; a planner geek if you will! I base our life on a routine not a rigid schedule. If I’m running around in the morning trying to get my kids out the door and their backpacks packed it can set my mood for the whole day.  I use a planner or lists so I don’t forget stuff. I create a place for everything so it’s easy to find.  I hate the feeling of running around trying to find papers that have yet to be sorted. What is great, is that when the unexpected happens or a new project pops up, I’m ready for the challenge!

My most important job is being a mom, and raising responsible, caring, loving people. As a wife and house manager my family is in my top 5 values list, as I hope it is also for you. I share my life’s journey, tips and work because I have never met anyone who is just a job! You are made up of all of your experiences and views to make you a person. Every day is a day to learn something new!

I use my life experiences to help others. I have worked in sales, marketing and retail management. For 12 years I was part of Corporate America working in a banking environment helping to motivate others to reach their goals and become successful.

This site is for sharing my love of life, passions and work with others. I want you to receive the love in my heart and the knowledge in my mind. I enjoy teaching what I have learned and continuing to develop myself and others.