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Christine turns everyday conversations into hand drawn visuals, by listening to what is being said and felt in your message. As the Organized Coach, she works with Individuals to help you see your goals and businesses to achieve a higher engagement and understanding of your message. Our success focuses on your message and allowing you to spread your ideas visually.

With 65% of the world’s population being visual learners, I want visual note taking to be the norm for processing information. Leading companies worldwide in conversations to strengthen their business, by increasing overall communication. Helping individuals to see their goals and determining what steps they need to achieve them. I see a world that is able to doodle at their desk without questions.

There are visuals all around you. How often are you on social media and see a picture?  What about looking at a magazine? Typing on your phone and emoji’s automatically pop up? But when it comes to our own job or life we don’t use the power of seeing what is in front of us.  Were told to focus solely on our words when in reality bringing together our words and an image is more powerful and will help you and others remember that information better.


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The Person

I connect my passions through doodles.

Create + Health + Organization + Family = Sketch Owl



I do not consider myself an artist, but I am a pretty good doodler!  I communicate with Doodles.  What I have learned is drawings are understood by all no matter the spoken language you are fluent in. Every conversation you have can be turned into a visual story.

I have found that creating with doodles has helped me to be a better communicator. It also helps me connect to myself and be true to me. You have probably seen the craze of adult coloring books as a form of meditation and relaxation.  I truly believe that there is a special place for sitting quietly and connecting with yourself.

I focus on health by eating clean foods that don’t come from a box.  I learned how to cook healthier meals for my family and use Pinterest for ideas and incorporate my newly found cooking abilities to adapt recipes. I have a HUGE sweet tooth that I battle. I plan weekly meals, so I know what we’re eating and I make freezer meals to help with busy days. I believe in treating your body as a temple and self-care is a must. Exercising doesn’t have to be a daily practice, but it should be a part of your life and journey to stay healthy.

I am a planner and organizer; a planner geek if you will! I base our life on a routine not a rigid schedule. If I’m running around in the morning trying to get my kids out the door and their backpacks packed it can set my mood for the whole day.  I use a planner or lists so I don’t forget stuff. I create a place for everything so it’s easy to find.  I hate the feeling of running around trying to find papers that have yet to be sorted. What is great, is that when the unexpected happens or a new project pops up, I’m ready for the challenge!

My most important job is being a mom, and raising responsible, caring, loving people. As a wife and house manager my family is in my top 5 values list, as I hope it is also for you. I share my life’s journey, tips and work because I have never met anyone who is just a job! You are made up of all of your experiences and views to make you a person. Every day is a day to learn something new!

I use my life experiences to help others. I have worked in sales, marketing and retail management. For 12 years I was part of Corporate America working in a banking environment helping to motivate others to reach their goals and become successful. I have developed and teach a preschool playgroup that teaches parents and children to draw together. I am also a Young Rembrandts teacher, teaching elementary school children.

This site is for sharing my love of life, passions and work with others. I want you to receive the love in my heart and the knowledge in my mind. I enjoy teaching what I have learned and continuing to develop myself and others.



Schedule a call today to see how I can help and determine if were a good fit to work together.