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Christine provides hand drawn images, both in-person live drawings for your event or can use pre-recorded conversations, that you can then provide to your audience as follow-up or use in marketing materials. I work with different art media, including different paper and foam core or electronic drawings.  Most items can be turned into an electronic image that can be used in email, social media or newsletter blasts. My background allows me to see your project from start to finish so you won’t need to hire other designers in order to communicate your message effectively.

You will not be provided a word for word dictation of your conversation.  Instead, I focus on the tangible results, solutions, and key elements of the conversation.  This will then help members retain the information, see things more clearly, help engage your audience, and ensure a greater understanding of your message.


asset-9-80 Business
asset-9-80 Entrepreneurs
asset-9-80 Government Agencies
asset-9-80 Non-Profits
asset-9-80 Facilitators/Speakers
asset-9-80 Those looking to improve their health or the health of their family
asset-9-80 Individuals
asset-9-80 Schools
asset-9-80 Religious Organizations
asset-9-80 Bloggers
asset-9-80 Community Organizations
asset-9-80 Multi Level Marketing Teams/Individuals

Products and Services

Graphic Recording                           Coaching                          Products


Graphic Recording and Visual Stories                     asset-6-80

asset-9-80 Organization Charts
asset-9-80 Strategic Planning
asset-9-80 Webinars
asset-9-80 Flip chart visuals
asset-9-80 Visuals for your blog articles
asset-9-80 Executive Retreats
asset-9-80 Brainstorming Sessions
asset-9-80 Keynote Speeches
asset-9-80 Presentations
asset-9-80 Business Planning
asset-9-80 Business Retreats
asset-9-80 Marketing/Social media images

Coaching                      asset-4-80

Your friends and family and acquaintances don’t always understand your goals or “get” your ideas. They can’t see your vision like you do. As humans we are all different. We have our own dreams and fears. What’s most important in your life may not even matter to others. Our life experiences make us unique so, your goals and action steps to reach your success should be just as unique.

I was told by a very wise man (my father) that your greatest success is helping others succeed. I love celebrating with others when they reach their goals, no matter how small or big that goal may be.  I find joy knowing I was part of that success.

You will not be provided a Yes Ma’am approach when working me. I will question your why and help you set goals. I am a friend that helps push you closer and “gets” your vision!  I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better. How can I help you find your path?


asset-9-80 Self Development/Awareness workshops
asset-9-80 Weight loss
asset-9-80 Fitness Coaching
asset-9-80 Group Art Therapy
asset-9-80 Vision boarding
asset-9-80 Self Care
asset-9-80 Goal Planning




asset-9-80  Glass Etching

asset-9-80 Vinyl Decals


asset-9-80 Planner Stickers

asset-9-80 T- shirts

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